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Justins Caricatures

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Customer Reviews

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Jane Dawson 9/9/18

Great service. Really happy with my caricature!! Would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Andrew Watkins 21/9/18

Justin did a big group caricature for us. He was extremely patient and very professional. Excellent service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - David Vinnie 2/10/18

Very fast service. Would defiantly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lucy Green 8/10/18

Had a Star wars caricature done. My son loved it! Thanks Justin

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Debbie Shaw 12/10/18

We had a Wedding caricature invite for our Wedding next year. Really happy with it.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sean Fowler 16/10/18

Great caricature. Very Professional service 

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Andy Hill 19/10/18

Would like to thank Justin for a fantastic job. The caricature is now proudly hung on our wall!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - John downey 18/12/18

Really happy with our caricature!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Wayne  21/12/18

Excellent service, i would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Laura Davidson 22/12/18

Justin was really helpful. We ordered it for Christmas and it was perfect and arrived on time.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Terry Bradley 5/01/19

Ordered a caricature for a friends retirement. He loved it! Will be ordering another caricature this year.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Jane lewis  7/1/19

Really happy with our caricature! This was for our mothers birthday and she loved it.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Dan reed 10/1/19

We have ordered a few caricatures of Justin now. We nearly have the whole family done now. Happy as always with his work.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Katie Burkshaw  14/1/19

Really happy with my caricature! It was a present for my boyfriend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sarah Hampton 18/1/19

Justin is very patient. We had to make a few changes to get it right but it was perfect in the end. Would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Nicola 11/03/19

Hi Justin
I received it today!! 
I am absolutely in love with it! You have captured the features of each one of us perfectly! This is a gift for a friend and I cannot wait to give it to him. Thank you so much. 

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Shonagh 18/03/19

Hi Justin
Just to let you know that it arrived safely and is absolutely fantastic. Thanks you so much for all your help.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Kate 20/3/19

WOW!!!! I have just received our picture. It is absolutely amazing!!!! thank you so much, this is really special for us.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Carol 15/4/19

Fantastic your brilliant they’re gonna be so pleased xx


I contacted Justins caricature website to purchase a birthday gift for a friend.
Speedy response, willing to make amendments (and there were a few). Really quick to get the caricature completed and the likeness was incredible.  
Will definitely recommend and will definitely be using you again.
A great find! Thank you I’m sure my friend will be delighted with their gift. 


Perfect mate ! Thank you very much !

CUSTOMER REVIEW - James 27/9/19

Perfect thanks. The picture is wonderful.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Alexander - 13/9/19

I would order again. Very fast and high quality work

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michael - 11/9/19

I would definitely recommend Justin’s Caricatures. The picture turned out great.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Joshua - 13/9/19

Thanks for all your help Justin. You offer a great service

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sue - 14/9/19

Justin was great to work with and finished our caricatures on a tight deadline.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Paul - 16/9/19

Great service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Tabatha - 18/9/19

We ordered a family caricature on canvas and it looks great. We mow have it proudly displayed in our living room.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sinead - 18/9/19

Very quick and professional service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Darren - 19/9/19

Top notch work. Would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lorraine - 20/9/19

Extremely happy with Justin’s work.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Julie - 20/9/19

I asked for a lot of changes but Justin was very helpful. I was very happy with the caricature in the end.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Charlene - 22/9/19

I ordered a picture of my dog and I love it!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sandra - 22/9/19

We ordered 20 caricatures from Justin for our staff members. Very happy with his work.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Diane - 29/9/19 

Very happy with the end result. I will be ordering again in the future

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Andy - 22/9/19 

Superb Justin. This is my second order and I will be coming back for more

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Emma - 26/9/19

Really happy with our caricature. Justin was very patient

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Emily - 27/9/19

My brother is going to love this. Very professional service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lauren - 28/1/20

They couldn't have come through on a better day, it my Birthday today and that has just made it!
They are absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much, I am so pleased. 

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lynn - 30/1/20
Hi Justin I love it Thankyou iv already pasted your details onto a friend

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michael - 09/2/20
Thats perfect Justin. I will be in touch soon for a friends caricature

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Dan - 05/2/20
That’s brilliant thanks Justin, It was just what I was after.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Heidi - 10/2/20
That's brilliant thank you so much for getting it done your very talented I'm sure she'll love it we've been very lucky to have such a brilliant social worker. Much appreciated

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Paul - 04/3/20

Really happy with the group caricature I ordered. Thanks Justin

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lucy - 07/3/20

Oh its perfect thank you so much they are going to love it! thank you for doing it so quickly I really appreciate it. Its amazing thank you!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Margaret - 08/3/20

Wow! Impressive! You really cracked it! Thanks so much!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Stella - 10/3/20

Ordered a Superhero family caricature and we love it! Very professional service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lee - 12/3/20

Very happy with Justin’s work. I will be ordering again

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Deana - 14/3/20

We loved the caricature Justin created for us!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michelle - 16/3/20

Absolutely love this! Thanks so much Justin

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michael - 18/3/20

Thanks again Justin for another great caricature

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Ana - 22/3/20

Thanks for doing a great job. I have recommended you to all my friends

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Simon - 24/3/20

Thanks for your great work!

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