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Justins Caricatures

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Customer Reviews

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Jane Dawson 9/9/18

Great service. Really happy with my caricature!! Would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Andrew Watkins 21/9/18

Justin did a big group caricature for us. He was extremely patient and very professional. Excellent service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - David Vinnie 2/10/18

Very fast service. Would defiantly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lucy Green 8/10/18

Had a Star wars caricature done. My son loved it! Thanks Justin

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Debbie Shaw 12/10/18

We had a Wedding caricature invite for our Wedding next year. Really happy with it.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sean Fowler 16/10/18

Great caricature. Very Professional service 

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Andy Hill 19/10/18

Would like to thank Justin for a fantastic job. The caricature is now proudly hung on our wall!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - John downey 18/12/18

Really happy with our caricature!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Wayne  21/12/18

Excellent service, i would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Laura Davidson 22/12/18

Justin was really helpful. We ordered it for Christmas and it was perfect and arrived on time.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Terry Bradley 5/01/19

Ordered a caricature for a friends retirement. He loved it! Will be ordering another caricature this year.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Jane lewis  7/1/19

Really happy with our caricature! This was for our mothers birthday and she loved it.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Dan reed 10/1/19

We have ordered a few caricatures of Justin now. We nearly have the whole family done now. Happy as always with his work.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Katie Burkshaw  14/1/19

Really happy with my caricature! It was a present for my boyfriend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sarah Hampton 18/1/19

Justin is very patient. We had to make a few changes to get it right but it was perfect in the end. Would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Nicola 11/03/19

Hi Justin
I received it today!! 
I am absolutely in love with it! You have captured the features of each one of us perfectly! This is a gift for a friend and I cannot wait to give it to him. Thank you so much. 

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Shonagh 18/03/19

Hi Justin
Just to let you know that it arrived safely and is absolutely fantastic. Thanks you so much for all your help.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Kate 20/3/19

WOW!!!! I have just received our picture. It is absolutely amazing!!!! thank you so much, this is really special for us.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Carol 15/4/19

Fantastic your brilliant they’re gonna be so pleased xx


I contacted Justins caricature website to purchase a birthday gift for a friend.
Speedy response, willing to make amendments (and there were a few). Really quick to get the caricature completed and the likeness was incredible.  
Will definitely recommend and will definitely be using you again.
A great find! Thank you I’m sure my friend will be delighted with their gift. 


Perfect mate ! Thank you very much !

CUSTOMER REVIEW - James 27/9/19

Perfect thanks. The picture is wonderful.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Alexander - 13/9/19

I would order again. Very fast and high quality work

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michael - 11/9/19

I would definitely recommend Justin’s Caricatures. The picture turned out great.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Joshua - 13/9/19

Thanks for all your help Justin. You offer a great service

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sue - 14/9/19

Justin was great to work with and finished our caricatures on a tight deadline.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Paul - 16/9/19

Great service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Tabatha - 18/9/19

We ordered a family caricature on canvas and it looks great. We mow have it proudly displayed in our living room.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sinead - 18/9/19

Very quick and professional service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Darren - 19/9/19

Top notch work. Would highly recommend.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lorraine - 20/9/19

Extremely happy with Justin’s work.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Julie - 20/9/19

I asked for a lot of changes but Justin was very helpful. I was very happy with the caricature in the end.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Charlene - 22/9/19

I ordered a picture of my dog and I love it!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Sandra - 22/9/19

We ordered 20 caricatures from Justin for our staff members. Very happy with his work.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Diane - 29/9/19 

Very happy with the end result. I will be ordering again in the future

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Andy - 22/9/19 

Superb Justin. This is my second order and I will be coming back for more

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Emma - 26/9/19

Really happy with our caricature. Justin was very patient

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Emily - 27/9/19

My brother is going to love this. Very professional service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lauren - 28/1/20

They couldn't have come through on a better day, it my Birthday today and that has just made it!
They are absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much, I am so pleased. 

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lynn - 30/1/20
Hi Justin I love it Thankyou iv already pasted your details onto a friend

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michael - 09/2/20
Thats perfect Justin. I will be in touch soon for a friends caricature

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Dan - 05/2/20
That’s brilliant thanks Justin, It was just what I was after.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Heidi - 10/2/20
That's brilliant thank you so much for getting it done your very talented I'm sure she'll love it we've been very lucky to have such a brilliant social worker. Much appreciated

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Paul - 04/3/20

Really happy with the group caricature I ordered. Thanks Justin

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lucy - 07/3/20

Oh its perfect thank you so much they are going to love it! thank you for doing it so quickly I really appreciate it. Its amazing thank you!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Margaret - 08/3/20

Wow! Impressive! You really cracked it! Thanks so much!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Stella - 10/3/20

Ordered a Superhero family caricature and we love it! Very professional service.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lee - 12/3/20

Very happy with Justin’s work. I will be ordering again

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Deana - 14/3/20

We loved the caricature Justin created for us!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michelle - 16/3/20

Absolutely love this! Thanks so much Justin

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Michael - 18/3/20

Thanks again Justin for another great caricature

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Ana - 22/3/20

Thanks for doing a great job. I have recommended you to all my friends

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Simon - 24/3/20

Thanks for your great work!

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Laura & Stephen 8/4/20

'Justin was so easy to work with, we sent in our idea and he started to working on it straight away. I'm quite fussy when it comes to detail so I sent the workable caricature back a few times as I wanted some adjustments and there were no questions at all from Justin, he was very happy to make any changes we wanted and nailed anything we asked for. We used the caricature for our wedding website and everyone was so impressed, we have received so many fantastic comments so we were delighted. We are also going to frame it in our house.I couldn't be happier with our caricature and would highly recommend Justin.'

                                                                                                                                         CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lisa 16/6/20

    I have just received my caricature and I'm very impressed from start to finish! Justin was very professional from listening to what I was asking for and keeping me updated with progress,

    super happy with how quick from ordering to having received it! Once I received the picture I was pleased with how it was packaged. Overall I would definitely recommend, and would most certainly use Justin again!
    CUSTOMER REVIEW - Lisa 16/6/20
    Hi Justin, My son was delighted with the caricature.  It’s not easy coming up with original ideas for a 21st birthday present but he was very surprised and pleased with his picture. Lots of compliments too from all his family and friends yesterday! Best wishes, Carolyn

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